Easy Read

Easy Read is a special form of writing which helps people with learning disabilities understand information easier.  At Translation Empire, we are certified Easy Read text adapters.

Even people without learning disabilities prefer reading information in Easy Read format instead of standard English, as it’s often easier to understand and digest.

Easy Read puts the main idea over to you whilst removing all of the jargon.

Picture symbols or photos are frequently used with Easy Read words to provide a format to help people grasp the meaning more easily.  The formatting and text rules are also quite different compared to Plain English.

Below you can find an example of Easy Read (original text, Easy Read):

Fit for work

To help prevent disabled people being discriminated again when they apply for jobs, the Equality Act now limits the questions that a prospective employer can ask about disability and health when recruiting new staff.  They cannot ask candidates questions about their health that are not related to what they need to do for the job role.

Fit for work

There is a new law called the Equality Act.

This law aims to treat all people equally and fairly.  It is especially important for disabled people who are trying to get a job.

The company you want to work for can only ask you certain things in interviews.

They cannot ask you about your health and disability if this is not important for the job.