Outreach campaign and multilingual promotion

In every company, growth is driven by Marketing and Communications.  To maximise your company’s full potential, turnover, profits and efficiency, international growth is an absolute must.

Translation Empire offer a plethora of key services to assist our clients with achieving a successful marketing campaign on an international level.  We work with together with business advisers, marketing specialists and other experts so all language and cultural needs are met so you can make the best impression on your target market.  Feel free to get in touch at any time if you wish to use one of our services, or would like more information.

Your company’s slogan is its calling card to capture your target audience’s attention.  When well thought out, it can add that invaluable little bit extra success and goodwill towards your company.  However, translating a slogan word-for-word might not be the best idea, as it might not have the same cultural impact as it has in the English language.

What if we were to translate ‘I’m lovin’ it’ (McDonald’s) or ‘Just do it’ (Nike) literally into German?  How would the German audience react?  Would it be better not to even translate it at all?

Translation Empire can ensure that your slogan is not only translated correctly, but that is understood and accepted in the different cultures you are targeting, and also that it is in line with your company’s values.

One of the best ways to get the word out on your new product or service is via a press release.  With our expertise in languages, we can ensure that your translated press release meets the needs of your international clients in terms of linguistic value and cultural understanding.  We work closely with PR Agents and publicists to ensure your press release is successful in every way, shape and form.

With online searches being the most powerful means of reaching people, why not optimise so that people in other countries can search for your products or services in their native language?  With internet users having hit the one billion mark already, common sense would dictate that your listings be made available in other languages to your company international status.

At Translation Empire, we not only translate your advert or listing, but also ensure it hits listing sites worldwide in the target language.  Just get in touch with your website details and the wording you’d like to use, and we’ll take care of the rest.

But what about potential clients?  Where are the markets most open to your company?  Do you want to sell or introduce your product on the international level?  What about complete telemarketing campaigns the world over?

Tell us about your company, your product or service and we will forward this on to our expert telemarketers.  They will then create a questionnaire adapted to the specific markets you wish to target.  Our expert telemarketers abroad will then use this information to sell research or introduce your product to the international market.

Our expert designers work closely with our translators at Translation Empire.  They will assist you in getting your advert, poster, newsletter, brochure, business cards, and packaging looking its absolute best before going out to an international audience.

We will make no unwanted changes to your design, and will ensure your project remains completely in line with your company’s values, ensuring you gain a wider audience on your terms.

Just send us your designed projects with instructions what you’d like changed (if anything at all!) and our team will take of the rest so you can rest easy.

We can rebuild your website from the ground up for the target market if necessary, or implement translations page by page if necessary.  We’re as flexible as you need us to be and our expert designers have designed, developed and built hundreds of websites.

With one email or phone call, you can share your goals with us and we will give you the desired result.

If you are looking to break into the international market, then it might be a good idea to allow your new international clients to email you in their language, with you replying in theirs as well.  This helps greatly with:

-Respect.  They respect your reaching out to them and will react positively.  You ‘speak their language’ – literally in this case!

-A new market is a whole new world to explore, and it opens doors to new opportunities.

-Understanding what your company is all about.

-A winning edge against the competition, especially if you beat them to the market in the first place!

If you foresee receiving emails in another language, do let us know beforehand.  This helps us in the case of urgent emails.  You can also forward emails to us and we can translate them.  If you only to send a reply, let us know and we can translate that too.  All translations, no matter how big or small, are handled in only the strictest of confidence.

Newsletters are a great way to update your clients on all new developments.  To stay on top of the competition, a newsletter for each of your larger foreign markets would be optimal.

Just send us your newsletter, let us know which language or languages you need it in, and we’ll make sure that you receive a ‘mirror-image’ of the original, just in another language.

Running a company demands a lot of time and energy.  Running an international company demands even more so.  But we can help alleviate some of the burden and take care of your international market research.

We will assist you with:

-Finding the best markets for your product

-Providing industry overviews

-Reporting on financial markets

-Sourcing new clients on the international level

-Accompanying you to meet clients worldwide or as a guide

Feel free to get in touch with a proposal, and our team will ensure all of your needs are met to the highest standard.