Bringing Worlds together through Language

Our team of experts provide high quality language services to multiple industries in more than 270 languages. As one of the fastest growing national translation agency we assure fast, accurate and reliable delivery of our services.
Leading your organisation into foreign markets can be a daunting experience as well as bringing a wealth of exciting opportunities. This is why you need a partner you can trust. A partner that will help give you the competitive edge and the support you need. Translation Empire is always striving to be one step ahead of the rest, to be the best in this industry and this is why Speed, quality, competitive price, dependability and superior customer services are always on top of our list of priorities.

Our inspiration for Translation services, Interpreting services and software localisation lies primarily in making a positive difference in the community, to empower and support the local people, especially in a world so diverse. Our business is to help your business achieve its full potential, whether it is to help you reach out to your local multi cultural community or whether you look to expand your horizons in a foreign market. Our local and worldwide based translators will help you gain and maintain your key objectives, as not only do they understand the language and culture, but moreover, they have technical knowledge and experience in your market. We can assure you our expertise, continued innovation and over 60 years of combined experience, will guarantee 100% professional service, 100% of the time, aiming to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
All our language translations services, including online translations, are carried out and monitored by professional linguists who only translate into their mother tongue. Each project is professionally managed by bi-lingual project managers to enable the process to be as dynamic as possible. After the translation is complete, all projects are proof-read for accuracy, punctuation, omissions, grammar, terminology, format/layout and consistency. They are then proof read by an independent linguist, providing a final quality check and an objective critique of the translation before delivery We provide a 6stage quality check process, specialising in localisation, which enables us to produced 100% accurate translation.
We understand the importance of effective Interpretation, translation and transcription services, which facilitate effective communication between parties to help quickly deliver results; this is why we deliver a comprehensive and professional one stop solution for all. We practice the utmost confidentiality and our linguists are highly trained to deal with the most sensitive of situations. We provide a 24 hour service 365 days a year and are experts in meeting tight deadlines and our team is perfectly equipped to handle time sensitive projects. We pride ourselves in delivering an efficient translation service in the shortest possible turnaround time, where documents are completed and returned with all the special requirements being fully met. For a No obligation quote, we guarantee a response within 10-15 minutes from request.
To ensure that you receive the highest quality of service, we apply the European and International Standards for every translation job we carry out. We have obtained the ISO9001 Quality Assurance, Customer First Standard, Investors in People standards and are members of both the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and Institute of Translators and Interpreters (ITI). We are also corporate members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation which ensures the high standards of our recruitment process.
Cost Effectiveness
Since 2001, we have committed extra efforts in the public and private sector to provide a high quality service at cost effective prices to all our clients. We will work closely with you, listen carefully to your needs and goals to implement your very own cost effective solutions to our services.
Cultural Awareness
We understand and believe that the single greatest barrier to business success is one generated by culture. We work to break this barrier and help promote understanding and appreciation in intercultural differences, promoting clearer communication, breaking down barriers, building trust, Strengthening relationships, opening horizons and yielding tangible results in terms of business success.
Making sure that each project is delivered to the highest standard is Translation Empire’s number one priority and thus we believe that excellent project management lies at the heart of providing such a service. Each project is assigned to a Translation Project Manager who will liaise with you from the moment of the request, at every stage throughout the project, all the way to completion. They will identify your specific needs, develop a process to deliver your exact requirements, keep you updated throughout and meet your satisfaction, all within your deadline.

The following is our six stage process which enables us to produce 100% accurate translation:

Step 1 - Requirement Gathering
Understanding your project-documents are analysed, quote is produced taking into account the legibility, language difficulty, graphics, coding DTP and deadline etc
Step 2 - Assign a project manager
A dedicated project manager and/or team is assigned to your case who will select the most appropriate linguist with the relevant qualifications and experience to carry out the assignment.
Step 3 - Source certified translators
A translation project manager will source certified, mother tongue translators ensuring all your special requests are documented.
Step 4 - Proofreading
Translated document will be given to proof reader with specialist knowledge to review the translation
Step 5 - Formatting
Our team of in-house typesetters and desktop publishers will ensure the document is delivered in highest possible quality.
Step 6 - Proofing
Formatted document will be given to specialist linguist team to ensure that the design and style of the translated and formatted document is competent, consistent and in exactly same layout as the original document

Our LE-Language Service Manager, a bespoke translation Project management system, ensures your project is efficiently managed and processed at every stage, through to completion. The application also has an ‘Online Web Portal’ extension allowing our clients to request services online.

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